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The Center of Cancer Wellness gives high recognition to the Volunteers that give their time, patience and heart to cancer patients on a daily basis. Without the volunteers Candy’s Place would not be the organization it is today. Volunteers, undoubtedly give their time because they have compassionate hearts and want to truly make a difference in the lives of others, one cancer patient at a time.

If you are interested in joining our Volunteer team, please fill out our Volunteer form, call our office, or stop in to meet us Monday through Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm.

“I feel blessed to be able to help those who are reaching out for comfort even in any small way.  My volunteering here at Candy’s Place has helped my own needs with fighting this dreadful disease.”

- Sharon Harvey

  • Jessica Apollo, receptionist

  • Jane Artiz, receptionist

  • Pat Balcomb, receptionist

  • Judy Betti, receptionist, correspondence specialist

  • Melba Boudreaux, receptionist

  • Linda Brown, receptionist

  • Rebecca Bushinski, receptionist

  • Kathleen Chernavage, board member, special projects

  • Polly Delaney, receptionist

  • Debbie Dempkosky, cleaning and receptionist, holiday decorations

  • Joan Dillion, receptionist

  • Chris Fazzi, Fitness Instructor

  • Gretchen Frank, Facials

  • Mary Ann Gaprindachvili, Reiki master and receptionist

  • Barb Giarrantano, receptionist, Special Events

  • Bryn Harvey, receptionist

  • Sharon Harvey, receptionist

  • Marge Hoffman, receptionist

  • Lindsay Isamoyer, massage therapist

  • Arlene Komnath, volunteer nurse

  • Joan Murphy, Fitness Instructor

  • Dave Jenkins, Reflexologist

  • Pat Nicolino, Reiki Practioner

  • Theresa Novak, Yoga Instructor

  • Cathy Macey, receptionist

  • Pat Nicolino, Reiki practitioner

  • Theresa Novak, Yoga and Mediation Instructor

  • Denise Reschauer, receptionist, wig room

  • Sister Rosellen Li, massage therapist

  • Audrey Smith, receptionist

  • Karen Weidlich, receptionist

  • Martha Tilghman, board member, data entry

  • Helen Zukoski, Special Events

  • King’s College

  • Wilkes University

  • Luzerne County Community College

  • Misericordia University

  • Dallas High School

  • Coughlin High School

  • Lake Lehman High School

  • Hanover High School

  • Wyoming Valley West