Helping One Person at a Time

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Health Care Outreach

The goal of outreach is to increase access to our programs and services for cancer patients and their families. Our outreach efforts include calling on community groups, senior centers, religious organizations, libraries, civic groups and more. Visiting hospitals and teaching health care professionals about the Center is tantamount to the program and reinforces the value of psychological, emotional and physical support as a compliment to medical care. Volunteers play a vital role in these outreach efforts.

Corporate Outreach

Support is critical when an employee is living with cancer and trying to maintain a job, keep medical appointments and deal with the challenges that often accompany compromised health. Cancer can have a profound impact within the work setting, even if the employee is the caretaker for a cancer survivor. The psychosocial aspects of chronic illness and the legal ramifications are challenging issues that need to be addressed in the workplace. The Center for Cancer Wellness is a viable resource for businesses. Onsite seminars are available. Simply call our office to schedule an initial interview so that we can begin to assess your needs. Materials are available for your use.

Education Outreach

Cancer doesn’t affect just one person; it usually impacts the whole family and can certainly resonate in a school community.