Our Mission

As a cancer wellness resource center, we strive to provide services to our cancer clients and their loved ones in a welcoming, supportive, and relaxing environment.

The Cancer Wellness Center of NEPA is deeply committed to ensuring that our organization fulfills its mission of providing support and resources to cancer patients and their families. We understand that battling cancer goes beyond medical treatments; it encompasses emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects as well.

What We're About

With initial backing from The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The Luzerne Foundation, and The Blue Ribbon Foundation, we’ve been able to provide vital programs and classes. From our modest beginnings to our current location in Forty Fort, thousands of individuals including clients, survivors, caregivers, and their loved ones have benefitted from the variety of services we offer.

The Cancer Wellness Center’s staff, with the unwavering support of our board of directors, has developed programs to address the multifaceted needs of cancer patients aiming to complement their treatment. While significant strides have been made in cancer diagnosis and treatment, the emotional toll of the disease necessitates equal attention and support. By prioritizing the holistic recovery of the mind, body, and spirit, we enhance the quality of life for individuals before, during, and after treatment.