My friend suggested coming down to Candy’s Place. I had never heard of it, but came here and I found warm and caring hugs, therapies, and classes. I couldn’t believe that this was available for me and it was free!


One of our clients referred to Candy’s Place as her oasis. She said it was what she looked forward to between her doctor visits and chemotherapy treatments. Doctors concentrate on a person’s illness, but at Candy’s Place, we focus on wellness.


With the help of the staff, volunteers and others touched by cancer, I learned to do more than just survive. At Candy’s Place I began to thrive. I am painfully aware that everyone’s journey through cancer is difficult, and for most of us the bad days far outweigh the good.

Dawn Brady
Dawn Brady

I unfortunately did not know about Candy’s Place when I was going through chemotherapy and radiation and always thought there should be something more out there for cancer patients and their families. And sure enough, I guess when I needed it most, I found Candy’s Place and it’s been a lifesaver to me.

Kathy Hughes