July 2, 2024 @ 12:00 pm

Tai Chi Easy consists of classic and simple QiGong including these four essential methods:

  • postural alignment
  • breath practice
  • self-applied massage
  • relaxation, visualization, and meditation practices

The Tai Chi Easy program includes a modification of traditional Tai Chi. For this program, five movements are used either sitting (Tai Chi Chair) or standing, and Tai Chi walking, creating a moving form.


The focus of Tai Chi Easy is the cultivation of healthy longevity and inner tranquility. In this context, there is no straining or pushing. The practices are gentle, adaptable to all sorts of physical and psychological challenges and complementary to recovery and rehabilitation.


Each session will be approximately 60 minutes. In that timeframe we focus on breath, bodily movements, and stillness, or meditation. Although there is a pattern to each session, a variety of movements are introduced regularly, keeping the practice fresh and diverse.