Our Team is Ready to Serve


Joan Murphy – Exercise Instructor

Joan has over 15 years of fitness experience starting when residing in Washington, D.C. Her passion to create, design, and choreograph her own programs started at that point. Her ageless, unique programs have been very successful and target all pillars of fitness. She choreographs, easy to follow, challenging classes for all levels through the magic of music. Never boring, never predictable, she brings fresh, changing, stimulating ideas and very contagious energy so everyone, men and women achieve their optimum workout. Joan has recently been certifited in Reiki II.

Chris Fazzi – Exercise Instructor

Chris Fazzi started taking classes many years ago which led to her interest in studying for Personal Training. In 1995, she attained her ACE certification as a Group Fitness Instructor in Philadelphia and the IFPA certification for Personal Fitness Trainer in 2005. Chris currently instructs the One on One Personal Training.

Theresa Novak – Yoga and Meditation Instructor; Vibrational Sound Therapy

Theresa Novak begain practicing yoga 15 years ago at Health Works in Kingston. She has a 500 hour certification from Dharma Yoga Center in New York City. She studied with renowned yoga instructor, Dharma Mitra. In addition to teaching the One on One Personal Yoga and Mediation Training, Theresa also holds the Gentle Yoga classes which include mediation, breathing and posture techniques at the Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Theresa also instructs the Mediation and Deep Breathing Relaxation Class on Wednesday evenings.

Deborah Cox – Exercise Instructor

Deborah Cox became interested in health in her 20s and fitness is still her main priority. Over the years she has watched countless clients go from weak, exhausted and out of shape, to fit, strong and confident. Certified with American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), she specializes in those with physical limitations and those recovering from illness. Balance, strength and flexibility are what she strives to improve with everyone she trains. Deborah is currently a one-on-one personal trainer at the center.


Pat Nicolino - Reiki Practitioner at Candy's Place

Pat Nicolino – Reiki Practitioner

A former caregiver of one of our patients and a longtime supporter of Candy’s Place, Pat studied under Jeffrey Seymour, NCTMB and was certified in 2011. He completed his Level II studies under Jeffrey Seymour. Pat will be pursuing his Master studies in 2013.

Photo of Candy's Place Massage Therapist Lindsay Isamoyer

Lindsay Isamoyer – Massage Therapist

Lindsay is an honors graduate of Allied Medical and Technical Institute in Forty Fort, PA. Her practice emphasizes Swedish massage techniques utilizing deep pressure and relaxation. Lindsay is a member of the Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals. She is Nationally Certified by the Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. In March of 2010, she completed training focusing on oncology massage technique.

Dave Jenkins - Medical Reflexologist at Candy's Place

Dave Jenkins – Medical Reflexologist

Dave Jenkins is a certified member of the International Institute of Reflexology with over 34 years of experience. He began his studies in 1978 with May Post of Philadelphia, the first person granted permission to teach Reflexology by its developer, Eunice Ingham. He continued his studies with the International Institute of Reflexology with George Balut, Bobbi Warren and Dwight Byers, nephew of the late Eunice Ingham, becoming certified in the Ingham method of Reflexology in 1990.

Photo of Candy's Place Acupuncturist Jackie

Jackie Stefanski – Acupuncturist

Jacqueline received her Acupuncture Master’s Level Diploma from the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, Montclair, N.J., in 2014. As required for the program, she also completed courses in Biology, Pathophysiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Physical Examination, and both Eastern and Western Nutrition. Her three-year education included working in the school’s on-site Acupuncture clinic, as well as an Externship at the VA Medical Center in East Orange, N.J.

She has treated patients previously diagnosed with a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, insomnia, infertility, PTSD, depression/anxiety, eczema, asthma, trigeminal neuralgia, coughing, colds and much more.

Passionate about her discipline, Jacqueline describes Acupuncture as “a Vital Source of Health Care, where Medicine and Science meet Art and Spirit.”

Schedule your Acupuncture Appointment today, and bring harmony and vitality back to your body and mind.