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Living Well: Taking time for you

Create a holistic view of your overall well being and a roadmap to a stronger immune system.

  • Restore
  • Eliminate
  • Detox
  • Balance
  • Rejuvenate

We are holding a workshop with Dr. Peter Amato on May 8th from 11:00-12:30. The 60-minute workshop, with follow-up Q&A, will be offered to the general public virtually. There is a minimum donation of $15 to participate.

Baskets for our basket raffle will be on display at the center from 12:30-4:30pm following this workshop. Please consider entering for a chance to win one (or more) awesome prizes!

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Dr. Peter Amato is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine with a Ph.D in Mind-Body Medicine. As a pioneer in Integrative Medicine and wellness coach and educator, Dr. Amato has been healing patients for 20+ years from acute and chronic conditions. His enlightened and forward-thinking approach to wellness addresses not only symptoms of disease but gets at the root cause to allow for enduring wellness.

Dr. Amato’s approach requires an appreciation for the connection between mind, body and spirit- and how all three play a key role in your overall health. Dr. Amato is the Founder of Inner Harmony Wellness Center located in Northeast Pennsylvania, where he uses non-invasive, cutting-edge technologies to pinpoint imbalances and illness, then creates an effective, personalized holistic wellness plan.